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Here we share some expert advice and insight into all things health & fitness related.

  • Motivation

    Over the years I’ve found that one of the biggest obstacles to feeling motivated and taking action is the fear of failure. One way to overcome it is to understand a few things about how it works. Perhaps the biggest aspect of fear is that if we fail to achieve what we originally set out to do, our e...
  • Pre-Workout

        We are all guilty of wanting some magic powder or pill to supercharge our performance in the gym. However a large amount of supplements are a waste of money, and some do more harm than good.   The basics of priming your body for a great workout are achieved through nutrition. Consuming a me...
  • Get Unstuck – What to do when you are lacking motivation

    Being ‘stuck’ or demotivated is a common problem. Firstly understand it is not just you who feels this way. Motivation is not infinite, it can and will run out at some point.   Secondly, understand that only you can be responsible for making a change. It is much easier to complain and whine abo...
  • Training a Busy Business Owner

    Life can be seriously hectic for a modern day business owner especially with the demands of social media, tight deadlines and a heavy workload. It’s understandably easy for an individual to skip meal times, go for long hours without water or be swamped with countless meetings that involve a selectio...
  • What do we mean by real results?

    We are heavily invested in producing what we call ‘real results’ with all our clients. Achieving this requires a certain amount of information about what it is you want and why you want it.   A huge misconception in the fitness industry is that every client should be as devoted to exercise and...
  • The Importance of Consistency

    Importance of consistency when achieving results You may have heard about the importance of consistency when it comes to achieving results. Whilst this is true most people are actually consistent and consistency is present in every day life, however most of these regular habits and routines that you...
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  • The Best Diet

    The Best Diet? The million pound question. Obviously I know the answer, every personal trainer does (well the ones worth employing do). There isn’t one. The End. Well, as true as that is, it isn’t particularly helpful. What it means is that there is no diet that is perfect for everyone. There isn’t...
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  • A 12 Week Plan from a Trainer’s Perspective

    There is nothing more exciting than knowing you have a client to work with for 12 Weeks. It’s a great opportunity for both client and trainer to work together for a period of time that is proven to be long enough to create change and deliver fantastic results. When you match a committed trainer with...
  • The Benefits of Youth Training

    The issue of child health can be a sensitive one and no doubt most parents regard the maintenance of it one of their very highest priorities. So before looking at the emotional aspects of the issue I’ll start with some facts. Latest figures (2015-2016) show that 19.8% of children in the UK aged 10-1...