Online 12 Week Plan

We also offer our highly successful 12 week plan online.
Delivered by the Studio CV34 team who have helped clients achieve the real life transformations you see on the Real Results page.

What you get:
Your trainer will provide you with a personalised plan on nutrition and training based on your goals, lifestyle, likes/dislikes and any equipment that you have available to you (this may be at home or at a gym where you are a member)

Your progress will be monitored every week and the trainer will then revise your plan based on your progress and feedback….offering you advice and guidance throughout.


Why an online plan may work for you:

•    You don’t live close to the studio
•    You need/prefer to exercise at home
•    You already train but feel that you need some expert advice to help you reach your goals
•    You travel a lot with work and have to deal with being in different locations with hotel gyms.

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